2011 BMW X5 facelift rendered

We can say that this is not the first time when we see the 2011 BMW X5 facelift because some time ago we had some spy photos but they were not revealing so good the shape of this 2011 BMW X5 facelift because the car was camouflaged. You can also see 2 spy photos with this 2011 BMW X5 facelift below.

Even if both of the rendering photos are made from the front of the 2011 BMW X5 facelift, we can think how is going to look this 2011 BMW X5 facelift from the left and right side and also from the rear side. 

I must say that after this facelift of the 2011 BMW X5, this BMW X5 is looking much more similar to the BMW X6 which is pretty good because under the hood, in most situations you can find the same “baby” or better said, the same monster.


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