Munich candidature for Olympic Winter Games in 2018 supported by BMW and Katarina Witt

Double olympic figure skating champion Katarina Witt and BMW, supports Munich city for organizing the Olympic Winter Games in 2018.

BMW Group has been associated with one of the best known figures of winter sports in Germany, Katarina Witt, to support the nominations of Munich and Garmisch-Partenkirchen cities for Winter Olympic Games in 2018. Katarina Witt is already in the forefront of promotion committee the candidature, the double olympic champion to have followed along with BMW in public appearances to support the brand image.

From its position, BMW Group supports the idea of green Olympics, both in partner confirmed position of the Olympic Games in London in 2012, and in that of the partner in organizing Winter Olympic Games in Munich in 2018. We are happy that we have Katarina Witt with us, as ambassador, and we hope to bring the Winter Olympic Games in Munich in 2018, this is what we find from Ian Robertson, member of the Management Board of BMW Group.

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