BMW Sauber C29 car for 2010 Formula 1 Season

BMW Sauber released Sunday on the circuit from Valencia, the new C29 car that will compete in the 2010 Formula 1 season. C29 is the first single car created by the team at Hinwil without the support of the BMW manufacturer, who retired from Formula 1 at the end of four years of a partnership with Peter Sauber.

The Formula 1 car is predominantly white, while the sides are black. The appearance of the new car is simple due to the absence of sponsors, but it is anticipated that their names will appear on the car in the season which will start in March.

The main features of the new car are the very high nose and prolonged engine casing. Thus, BMW Sauber is the third team using a very high nose, after Ferrari and McLaren Mercedes, a strategy adopted since last year by Red Bull Racing. On the other hand, the Swiss have implemented an elongated motor shell, in the style of the McLaren Mercedes, presented with only two days ago. More technical details about the BMW Sauber C29 will come soon on our website.

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