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VIDEO: 2011 BMW 5-Series Parking Assistant

Parking Assistent package which debuted on the new BMW 5-Series can park without you to spin the steering wheel. Although the package is not an absolute novelty, the technology used is new.

Among with the launch of the new 5-Series, BMW introduced a parking assist system, unique for the moment in the German manufacturer’s range. The package is officially called Parking Assistent, and simply spin the steering wheel – with the new electronic system of direction signed BMW – parking the car behind a perfect trajectory.

Even if the system used by BMW is not absolutely new, Skoda Superb providing, for example, a package similar in the list of options, the technology that is used by German is revolutionary. Thus, instead of classical sensors and cameras typically used in this type of systems, 5-Series is based on sonar technology used by submarines: a series of ultrasonic sensor measures the perfect location with great accuracy of the cars parked to measure the ideal trajectory of the car.

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