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MINI customers pleased of MINI E

A study commissioned by BMW and made by the University of California, Davis, shows that the most clients of MINI are generally happy with their cars, after six months of use. However, as the reports, dissatisfaction is the common so-called “range anxiety.”

Although a fully loaded MINI E can keep the car moving over a distance of 160 km, a full recharge takes between four and eight hours. If a U.S. MINI owner is forced to connect the car in a standard 110 volt outlet, recharging time reaches up to 23 hours.

MINI E is the first chapter of “project i” of the BMW Group, the project requires long term commitment of involvement in research projects and develop new types of vehicles. They must answer to the specific needs of large cities located in a permanent development which is anticipated also the biggest increase in the number of cars for the next 20 years. BMW is developing a test program of reliability of these models in the U.S., which provided, in leasing, 450 electric MINIs to customers.

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