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VIDEO: BMW X5 M and X6 M on snow (2)

Here we have the second video from BMW, from the BMW X6 M, X5 M Snow Action Series. If you missed the previous episode, the first one, we don’t miss it, so you can watch it here. The episode is called Hill Riding and show us that BMW X6 M can climb a hill securely, a snowy one. G√ľnter Schillinger, the M Driver Training, Instructor will show how to do it.

He switched off the MDM function in order to get more power to the wheels and higher traction. So, all the onboard systems are switched off. Downhill there is no need for alot of power, all you need is attention, especially to the steering wheel.

This second part, was released few days ago, so, the third part was also launched. What I mean is that you are interested to watch the third part also, keep BMWCoop in your reader, and you will receive the third part very soon after reading this post, and also all the news about BMW will be provided to you by BMWCoop!

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