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Official specs for the BMW 335is Convertible and Coupe

BMW just revealed yesterday the official details for the BMW 335is Convertible and Coupe and also some official pictures if I’m not wrong, this is great at last for me because now we know for sure if these two cars named BMW 335is Convertible and Coupe are about to be launched and what are they going to ‘wear’.

The BMW 335is Convertible and Coupe is going to have the 3.0 liter N54 twin turbo charged inline 6 engine which is able to develop up to 320 horsepower and also a maximum torque of 332 lb-ft. The BMW 335is Coupe is able to reach 60 miles per hour in just 5 seconds.

The prices are going to start from $50,525 for the Coupe and $59,075 which are quite some medium prices or you can say that they are not cheap but at the same time they are not expensive, it’s ok.

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