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BMW 335is – not for Europeans!

BMW introduces another version between the BMW 335i and the supreme BMW M3, named BMW 335is, unfortunately European fans will swallow drily. We must establish from the outset that this version is not for Europeans, BMW 335is is a special edition just for Americans.

Thus, in the North American supply, the gap between the BMW 335i and BMW M3 is covered by BMW 335is. This version, have under the hood the 3.0 liter N54 twin turbo that develops 322 hp and 450 Nm. BMW 335is will thus aim to the power league of the BMW Z4 sDrive35is, the model who opened this engine’s updgrade.

BMW fans will regret that this model does not come in Europe, because in terms of performance is a significant difference in favor of 335is, BMW 335is manage to reach 60 mph (96 km/h) in 5 seconds, while the 335i comes to 100 km/h in 5.4 seconds, both models are equipped with the DCT transmission.

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One Comment

  1. dave mac says:

    the 335is.
    the look, the sound,the power of this car!.
    bmw have created yet another masterpeice,the rembrants of the motoring world.i want to get my hands on one of these and i want it now thank you.[are they coming to australia].

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