BMW and Daimler fighting for the top in electric cars chapter

The competition becomes fierce between Daimler AG and BMW AG, since both compete for obtaining production series for small electric cars. Both want to rectify the reputation of manufacturers of high performance luxury car but inefficient when it comes to fuel.

Daimler and BMW have a while based on the V8 used on the BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Gullwing. But now these companies are focused on efforts to develop zero-emission vehicles. In July last year, BMW has decided to not participate anymore in Formula 1 with the aim of rethinking channeling resources to develop new propulsion technology development.

At the International Auto Show in Detroit, Klaus Draeger, BMW president of research and development, said he has the largest fleet of electric cars present on the street. with clients who use them every day. On the other hand, Mercedes is proud of series production while others make laps around the presentation cars. Reports show that these manufacturers sold just a few electric cars. It is expected that industrial-scale production of zero-emission vehicles to take place only in 2012.

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