VIDEO: BMW Billboard in Bridgeport

A BMW billboard located in Bridgeport, Connecticut, has caused a real hysteria among locals who rushed to call the U.S. emergency services asking for help from authorities. The reason wasn’t that there was shown an offensive message, but because on top of the billboard was a man dressed in pajamas with a teddy bear.

Only at a closer look could see that, actually, it was a dummy, but who else stood to analyze the situation when in the game was, or so believed by most of them, a human life?

As a result, the local police was bombarded with phone calls by worried passers, claiming a suicide case. Fortunately, operators of the other end of the wire, were aware of the unordinary panel, so this doesn’t degenerated into an embarrassing situation for both authorities, as well as people with big heart. See below the video with the BMW billboard from Bridgeport:

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