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BMW ActiveHybrid 5 at the Geneva Auto Show

The doubts or rumors or any other way you want to call it are gone. As you can see in the title, the BMW ActiveHybrid 5 is going to debut at the Geneva auto and I think they did a great job by building another ActiveHybrid and also a great job because they thought at the 5 Series.

In March, at the Geneva auto show, the BMW ActiveHybrid 5 will be present as a concept but the European market is waiting for it shortly after releasing the car at that auto show. Anyway, there are still no information for the USA citizens.

If this news will not be true, from the 5 Series at the Geneva auto show will be present only the 535i and also the 550i as they previously intended to do. I must say that I would rather buy an ActiveHybrid 5 than an “old” ActiveHybrid 7.


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