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BMW moving the hydrogen 7-Series tests in laboratory

In the absence of adequate infrastructure, BMW give up the road tests for Hydrogen 7 in favor for laboratory tests, organized under controlled conditions and at lower costs. Bavarians from BMW have decided to move the tests of 7-Series Hydrogen from the road in their laboratories.

The reason for those from BMW dropped the road test stays behind the lack of dedicated hydrogen supply infrastructure and high cost of conversion of the new 7-Series F01 to become good for the test program on the road.

The hydrogen tests program from BMW for 7-Series has accumulated over 3.2 million kilometers in the hands of only 100 BMW specialists. The test program that lasted two years will be closed early next year. Those from BMW aware the technological future of hydrogen cars, but said that they did not receive the necessary support to make this technology really on the road. That is why all tests for BMW Hydrogen7 will be made in controlled conditions, of laboratory. BMW will test those vehicles on dedicated tracks and in special laboratories, and these models will not see ordinary roads of the world.

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