BMW DesignworkUSA’s Headphones

BMW Design Group from the United States, DesignworkUSA, designed three models of headphones for portable audio equipments. BMW DesignworkUSA designed with audio equipment manufacturer, Sennheiser, three models of headphones for portable equipment. They were presented at the international CES exhibition in Las Vegas, along with other interesting products from Sennheiser.

Schaffer Laurenzi, president of DesignworksUSA told us that the partnership with Sennheiser has combined their experience to create an attractive line of headphones. They were able to integrate their deep understanding about the consumer lifestyle, advanced technology and excellent design in a new and unique product.

The three families of headphones have been designed to be able to make differentiation of target audience and performance. Thus, the C series have a simple design but are processed accurately. M Series enter the premium category, design quality, processing and sound are superior. A Series strengths structure are elegant and detailed design, who emphasizes the ergonomic nature.

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