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BMW E92/E93 Coupe by Vorsteiner with details, photos and release date

This tuning looks pretty good but if you saw many tunings of BMW and even from other tuners for other auto makers in the past time, you won’t consider it so cool or at last not if you didn’t see it in real life because then it should look awesome.

Now you should know that the tuning firm named Vorsteiner is original from USA and as you see, they made two tunings for two different cars namely for BMW E92 and also for BMW E93 as you can see in the title. A shocking news is that these two tunings are going to hit the market next week which is more than great because usually we have to wait years.

Also, if you like this tuning pack but you don’t have a BMW E92 or a BMW E93, you still have a chance if you own a BMW E30 because a tuning program like these 2 is about to come at the middle of 2010.


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