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BMW preparing a hybrid with 2 engines

A sketch of the latest patent registered by BMW, reveals the German’s intentions to revolutionize hybrid’s segment with a new chassis that uses the energy of two conventional engines, not one. After the design of the future Mini Countryman was betrayed by the drawings submitted for patent’s validation, another manufacturer made public sees its future plans.

It’s even the “father” of the British manufacturer, BMW, which recorded the sketch of a completely new hybrid engine. Bavarians currently working on a hybrid composite system, which uses two conventional engines.

Engineers who thought this divided hybrid technology, thought that the first module, consists of a conventional engine and one electric, will provide operation of the car at low speeds, usually in urban areas. For situations where the driver needs more power and speed there is a second engine, ready to bring a substantial contribution to power. The sketch suggests that the two engines will operate full interdependent and will form a whole. Basically the second engine assists and supports the first one whenever is needed.

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