BMW 1-Series

Rumors that the 2011 BMW 1 Series will get DCT

It looks like BMW has many plans for my favorite BMW 1 Series. Anyway, this time there are just rumors and nothing that’s really about to come but it sounds quite tangible but this is just what I think. As you can see in the title of this post, 2011 BMW 1 Series is about to get DCT.

And even like this, 2011 BMW 1 Series will still get a six speed manual gearbox. People are expecting to be much more advanced because as I always tell you, how later it is about to come, as much it will be more powerful and also high performing.

The rumors are also telling us a very important thing namely the date when this updated 2011 BMW 1 Series is about to become available to everyone. Also, it would be more than great if they will give to this updated 2011 BMW 1 Series some design updates.


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