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Jeremy Clarkson tests the BMW X6

The newest episode of Top Gear ridiculed the off-road and on-road capabilities of the BMW X6. Jeremy Clarkson tries to prove unnecessary character of the first SAC in Bavarian history. As you probably know, the BMW X6 develops 400 hp in the top engine version and BMW X6 xDrive50i needs 5.3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h.

BMW X6 is available in two engine versions, BMW xDrive50i and xDrive35i. The first addresses to those who want an excellent sports behavior. This 4.4-liter V8 engine develops 400 horses between 5500 and 6400 rpm, and 597 Nm between 1800 and 4500 rpm, the second version is aimed to the more obedient in nature clients: six-cylinder engine of 3.0 liters developing 300 horses between 5800 and 6250 rpm, and 407 Nm between 4700 and 5000 rpm.

But it seems that those specifications doesn’t enough impressive for Jeremy Clarkson because in the latest Top Gear episode he criticized the BMW X6. Watch below the video and see what Jeremy Clarkson doesn’t like at BMW X6.

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  1. Hadley James Francis says:

    I just bought the X6 5.0i Xdrive…WOW WOW WOW
    I am a car enthusiast and wanted a new toy for Xmas…test drove the porsche carrera S with its pdk gearbox, hated it.My Z4M roadster is much more fun and exciting and then the Aston Vantage…but then I got into the X6…there was not comparison..this beast has everything and drives like a sportscar..I was hooked and sold…drive one today. You will be sold too…as for Jeremy mmmmmgh let me say this…with his dress sense, he would be able to spot a beauty even if he tried…Keep up the good work mate…consumers will make up their own minds after their own test drives..BMW congratulations on an exciting and sexy new toy..

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