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BMW explains us 5-Series GT (3)

Here we have the third episode of developing the BMW 5-Series GT, episodes provided by BMW. If you’re among those who do not understand BMW 5-Series GT, then watch this episode. Today we see what are the secrets of the BMW’s reliability.

During several episodes, BMW was detailing us, the new BMW 5-Series GT, probably convinced that many have not understood his role. In the first episode we see what are the secrets behind the development of BMW 5-Series GT, the spotlight fell on the revolutionary design.

In the second episode we see how it was tested BMW 5-Series GT and especially how the Bavarians hide the test sessions of the eyes of public. In episode three we see what is the secret of BMW’s reliability. In this episode we see how the BMW 5-Series GT is tested in South Africa, in a very hot environment, in the second video the BMW 5-Series GT being tested at low temperatures. High speed drive is also presented in this video, but I invite you to see more in the video below.

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