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BMW working at Heat Energy Recovery System

BMW is working on a heat recovery technology that will turn heat generated by the engine into electricity. This system could reduce fuel consumption by up to 8%. BMW engineers have revealed information about their plans on Efficient Dynamics program, which are including reused heat engine to generate electricity.

The system is designed to conserve energy generated by the engine during operation and maintain engine temperature at a constant level, even when it is stopped. As you know, two thirds of energy generated by burning fuel is lost through the radiator and exhaust system of the vehicle.

The first project of BMW in this regard is a thermal insulation system of engine. Besides the classic isolation, the BMW engine will insulate the engine from external environment and develop a system for keeping the engine temperature. The challenge for BMW engineers will be to create a system that does not affect engine efficiency while isolate engine from external environment.

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    Great performance from Penn.

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