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BMW explains us 5-Series GT (2)

We presented you yesterday here the first video from a series of videos provided by BMW, videos where we’ll see the developing process of a car, a special car, from a special manufacturer, BMW 5-Series GT. As we told you in that article, BMW promises us a series of videos showing us the great process of developing an extraordinary masterpiece.

This is the second video from the series, a video released just few hours ago. In this video following to see how the choosed design is transformed from paper to prototype, the prototype being the first vehicle that can be driven. Also we’ll see how BMW camouflage their prototypes to keep the photographers away from the vehicles.

Indoor and outdoor testing is very important, BMW explains us how they test their cars, here we talk about crash tests, outdoor tests in difficult conditions, testing a series of mechanism. Let’s see the video and keep connected to BMWCoop for the next episodes of developing BMW 5-Series GT!

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