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BMW explains us 5-Series GT

If you’re among those who do not understand the design of the BMW 5-Series GT, then you should watch this video, the Bavarians explain the idea behind this model. This video reveals us the developing process of the BMW 5-Series GT, BMW engineers and designers using last hour technology but also classic technology like drawing the interior and the exterior design on the paper.

During several episodes BMW will be detailing the new BMW 5-Series GT, probably convinced that many have not understood the role of this atypical model. Today we see what are the secrets behind the development of the GT, the spotlight felling on the revolutionary design.

At the end of this video BMW promises that in the next episode we will see the first test of the BMW 5-Series GT and alot more interesting informations that we may don’t know. Enough with talk, let’s see the first episode of the story behind of developing BMW 5-Series GT.

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