Interview with the great designer Chris Bangle

After withdrawing from BMW, Chris Bangle search to find a new purpose in his life and work. American designer could create the design philosophy of the future: next-generation car. CAR has made an extraordinary interview with perhaps the greatest car designer: Chris Bangle. CAR magazine has managed to present a part of man Bangle and a part of designer Bangle. Nonconformist, arrogant, but brilliant, this is how this can be described the man and the designer Chris Bangle.

This year in March, Chris Bangle announced his withdrawal from BMW, after 16 years of service with the Bavarian company. Since then and until now, Bangle withdrew to a deserted farm in Piedmont and was busy with home renovations, to create a studio for Chris Bangle Associates, a company that will offer advice on design problems, and produce wine.

Bangle told journalists from CAR that its only activity was to drink some wine, eat cheese and to tan, the brilliant designer have no right to work until the expiration of his contract with BMW, in March 2010. Designer Bangle hasn’t been disconnected with the car world, he continued to think of solutions for the future of this practice. Bangle rejects the idea to enroll at another car company, although it admits that is what it knows to do best. For the former boss of the BMW, the ideal would be to train, to train young designers who come up with new ideas.

“Every generation has to find her way” (Chris Bangle)

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