Next BMW M5 F10 to be more environment friendly

Germans at BMW have developed many new technologies for the new M5, including active aerodynamics and 100% electric power steering, providing a similar feeling to that of a conventional system. At 25 years of the onset of the first BMW M5, Bavarian engineers are working on a model with a turbocharged engine, the first of its kind applied to a M5 model.

The future M5 F10 will be equipped with a bi-turbo V8 engine that will provide a power level at least equal to the V10 unit that equips M5 E60 model. The changes applied to the V8 engine and its unique admission will provide a response to acceleration similar to the current M5 model.

BMW engineers had to choose this solution because they use a transmission with longer reports and a supercharged engine was the only element that could provide high torque at low revs. The compromise of equiping a model M with a turbocharged engine is rewarded by lower CO2 emissions, which will reach the threshold of 275 grams per kilometer, with 20% less than those of the current M5 E60.

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