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2010 BMW 7 Series Drifting

I see that a lot of people talked on the internet about this video and some of them said that it is good to do this some of them not (most of them said this) so I thought that I need to show it to the people that didn’t see it and it is also a reader of our blog and also to express my opinion about this video.

I have to tell you that I can’t say that I’m on any side, I’m somewhere at the middle but this is not what I wanted to say.

I wanted to say that this video has a good part and also a bad part. The good part is that the man in the car felt well and also that the spectators could see what can do such a car like the 2010 BMW 7 Series and the bad part is that this could end bad.


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  1. this drifting in suadi arabia it’s 750 and we have more like this

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