BMW 5-Series / BMW Hybrids

The third ActiveHybrid – 2011 BMW 5 Series ActiveHybrid 5

These are great news and as I get used to say when it’s the case, few people talked about this aspect and they didn’t include it in titles so I did this for you hopefully that more people will talk about it so more BMW fans will find out this news.

It was pretty expected this but I thought few time about it and probably I didn’t mention this on BMWcoop blog. The new 2011 BMW 5 Series ActiveHybrid 5 will come with two variants of hybrids. The first one will include the hybrid system from BMW ActiveHybrid 7 and the second one will include hybrid system from BMW ActiveHybrid X6.

You can consider this the third ActiveHybrid or better said, you can call it BMW ActiveHybrid 5 and the car will be launched next year, probably just like the 2010 BMW 5 Series, at the end of the year so there is some time to wait for it.

Source – WorldCarFans


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