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2010 BMW 5-Series F10 Kit by TopCar, Cardi and Lumma Design

TopCar, Cardi and Lumma Design developed an aesthetic and performance package for 2010 BMW 5-Series F10. The renderings offered by Russian and German companies show us that the their 2010 BMW 5-Series F10 will feature LED lights, new carbon fiber front lip and honeycomb grille integrated in the new bumper.

The 2010 BMW 5-Series F10 by TopCar, Cardi and Lumma Design will feature also some air inlets, a carbon fiber rear diffuser and a carbon fiber spoiler added on top of the trunk. The car is scheduled to be presented in April 2010, at that time we will find all the details about this project.

TopCar was due to styling design, projection and modeling while Lumma Design takes care of productive capacity. TopCar was also helped by Cardi in the bodywork process. We invite you to see below some renderings of the 2010 BMW 5-Series F10, made by TopCar and Cardi from Russia and Lumma Design from Germany.

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