The next BMW M5 will feature aluminum and carbon parts

BMW M5These is great news because now we can say that we know all the details about the new BMW M5 that it is about to come next or at last most of them. Last time I talked to you about some renderings which are revealing a big part of the front and also the rear side, a post that I recommend you to read.

If you read the BMWcoop blog you should know that the new 2011 BMW M5, better said BMW F10 will feature an engine that will be almost the same as the one from BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M.

Anyway, the fresh news about this new 2011 BMW M5 are telling us that this car will come with a chassis built full from aluminum so that it will be very light also because it will include optionally other accessories built from carbon fiber which is great.



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