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BMW has developed the first plastic support for gearbox

BMW Plastic Support for Gearbox

The new BMW 550i GT will benefit a world innovation that is a support for gearbox made entirely of plastic. It is as strong as that made of aluminum, but weighs less than one kilogram. In an attempt to minimize the mass of the models created by them, BMW engineers have developed a gearbox support made entirely of plastic.

It has a 50% lower mass than the support made of aluminum and weighs less than one kilogram. The piece will enter production next year, and will debut on the new 5-Series, 550i GT version. The element is achieved by injection of polyamide in prefabricated forms and the material that is made is called A3WG10 Ultramid CR.

The development of this vital component for the car was done together with those from Contitech, which have applied VibrationControl technology to eliminate vibration. The new polymer used by BMW was developed together with specialists from BASF and has a structure similar to Nylon’s just that it can withstand heavy loads and high temperatures. The new piece is more compact and compatible with the entire BMW range. Also, environmental factors have not been forgotten, this piece having a high degree of recyclability – can be melted and returned in the form more times than the metal one.

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