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VIDEO: The new BMW 3-Series, spied during testing

BMW 3-Series F30
Americans from Bimmerpost managed to capture the new BMW 3-Series during the tests. The model will debut on the market over approximately 24 months. German car manufacturer engineers began testing the new BMW 3-Series in the north of the Scandinavian region.

The model is subjected to such severe winter tests. Pre-production prototypes will follow the natural course of testing, and will be sent at a time in the desert, in a city and then on prestigious circuit, circuits such as Nurburgring / Nordschleife.

We can say that the process of testing of the new BMW 3-Series has begun and we expect to see further images of this model during future tests. As the BMW 3-Series model surprised last time by those from Carpix, this model have also double evacuations. This means one thing – those of the BMW are testing a six cylinder turbocharged engine.

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