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BMW will not launch a new generation “Hydrogen 7″


BMW officials said in an interview for Handelsblatt, a German magazine, that they will not produce a new generation of Hydrogen 7 based on the current BMW 7-Series. Future projects of Bavarians will focus on reducing CO2 emissions. Klaus Draeger, BMW Head of Development, said in the interview that German car maker will not create a new generation of the BMW Hydrogen 7 based on the current 7-Series. This means that the Bavarians will not stop here the development, they will continue to perform tests and research in this area.

Klaus Draeger added that more investment is needed, because these programs need more machines for testing and for now the Bavarians prefer to focus on reducing CO2 emissions. Cars that use hydrogen will remain a topic of great interest to Germans, but now BMW isn’t seeing this a profitable business. This is due to lack of infrastructure for such vehicles.

Also, Klaus Draeger, has added that the Project i – the program in which BMW will produce organic urban models – continue, and by 2020 is supposed that all the cars produced by BMW to have CO2 emissions of 120 g/km. In this case, EU wants all cars in the same year to reach a level of CO2 emissions of 95 g/km, but the German manufacturer hopes that will exist some special regulations.

Source: Handelsblatt

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