BMW M1 to be presented at Dubai


BMW M1 seems to take us completely by surprise, because there are some rumors that the BMW M1 will be presented at the Dubai Motor Show, which begins in three days. At rumors stock market a BMW M1 was highly rated in recent period of time, but few expect a swift story that the BMW M1 will appear only in few days at Dubai Motorshow 2009. Those who issued this surprising hypothesis are those from Gulfnews, who said that on December 15 the star of the arabian salon will be the BMW M1.

We do not know exactly what will be, if it will be a different concept or a finished product, although the proposed development of a new BMW M1 began in 2008 and ever since then has been presented a concept foreword model of series.

Recently, we saw in Munich a camouflaged prototype which had the original figure of a BMW M1. But according to the same sources, what will be presented by BMW in Dubai will have quite a few similarities with the original, with same architecture with the engine placed central, and details taken both from BMW M1 and BMW Turbo Paul Braq concept exposed in 1972. Therefore we are waiting the big day of December 15, to see what BMW prepares us so special and surprising.

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