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Fastest Diesel Model: BMW 335d by AC Schnitzer


Fastest production car in the world equipped with a diesel engine is ACS3 3.5d Coupe, created by German tuner AC Schnitzer. This car is based on the BMW 335d E92. AC Schnitzer ACS3 3.5d Coupe has become the fastest diesel model with circulation rights.

The model managed to achieve a speed of 288.7 km/h on the Nardo speed circuit in Italy. This is the third record that was registered by tuners from AC Schnitzer at Nardo circuit. This time, the record obtained by ACS3 3.5d surpassed the existing record by 8.7 km/h.

In 2006, those from AC Schnitzer have obtained the record for the fastest BMW with circulation rights in the world, with Tension model. A year later, ACS came with GP3.10 to Nardo and obtained the record for fastest model in the world. Nardo circuit is 13 kilometers long and is held by those from Continental. ACS 3 3.5d Coupe is based on BMW E92 335d and develops 310hp and 680Nm. The price of such a model is 86,000 euros. Previous owner of the record was a BMW E60 535d created by DMS Automotive, which develops 344hp and 638Nm of torque.



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  1. Really impressive results. Any idea if it will be available in US as well?

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