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BMW GINA Concept

BMW GINA Concept

I was looking on our blog and also at some BMW concepts and then I realized that we never talked to you about the BMW GINA Concept which is my favorite concept from all concepts built by BMW and I’m sure that 99% of the people that will read this post will know already the concept that I’m talking about now.

If I would see just some virtual photos or a virtual video I would never think that this BMW concept will ever be able to build even in the future when all technologies will be very advanced but we see that I would be very wrong.

If you already know this concept that I’m talking about, you should also know that it doesn’t have a car body, it has a skin so that it will be lighter, flexible and many other advantages that any other car can’t have so that’s why this BMW GINA Concept is so special.

BMW GINA ConceptBMW GINA ConceptBMW GINA Concept


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