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Prices revealed for BMW ActiveHybrid 7


Prices for 2011 BMW ActiveHybrid 7 will start from $103,125. The BMW ActiveHybrid 7 was introduced at Frankfurt and will hit the road, more exactly the American showrooms after the debut at L.A. Auto Show. As the L.A. Auto Show was few days ago, the ActiveHybrid 7 from BMW is closer.

The Hybrid reach 60 mph very fast, i mean very very fast, that is 4.7 seconds and the fuel efficiency is raised. The 2011 BMW ActiveHybrid 7 is equipped with a 4.4-liter twin-electric developing 700Nm of torque and 455 horsepower.

Eight-speed automatic transmission is standard at ActiveHybrid 7. The fuel efficiency is improved by a stop/start system. If you want some fun and entertainment in the rear seat you have to pay extra $600 for a DVD Changer, capable to store 6 DVDs. 19-inch wheels are standard but if you want some larger wheels, more exactly 20-inch wheels, you have to pay extra $1,300. For $400 you will have a USB adaptor and an iPod.

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