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BMW M1 with camouflage


Okay, we have here a 1978 BMW M1 surprised camouflaged in Munich, but this model appeared almost 30 years ago. Is it a new BMW Supercar that is tested in this clever camouflage? It may be. BMW M1 was introduced in 1978 and was produced until 1981, the first model produced by BMW Motorsport.

Only 456 copies were manufactured, so you can call it a BMW model worthy of a museum, not one to wear camouflage as new cars out the preliminary tests. The prototype was caught on camera in downtown of Munich. This may be a way to seize media keyboards, or to prepare a new BMW supercar masked in the legend’s clothes?

Seeking a possible explanation I found that last spectacular BMW Vision EfficientDynamics concept has dimensions similar to the BMW M1. Do not you think they are the same size, Vision is bigger with a few inches on all three dimensions. What do you think about this camouflaged BMW, what can be under its camouflage?

[Source: BMWBlog]

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