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Official Images and Details: 2011 BMW 5-Series


BMW has released the first official informations and photos related to the newest generation of 5-Series, a representative brand in the mainstream segment. BMW officially presented this evening, after more than two months of waiting, the sixth generation of the 5-Series, one of the most popular car models in the range of Bavarians and which connects perfect the popular 3-Series with the luxurious 7-Series.

The new 5-Series have the largest wheelbase in the segment (2968 mm) and managed to add extra 13 millimeters for rear passenger knees. The design changes to the dashboard refers particularly to the location of the center console, towards the driver, and the appearance of a considerable size monitor.

In terms of engines available to new BMW 5-Series, the Bavarians launched seven units, four petrol and three diesel. The most interesting of these – and one that BMW expects the highest volume of sales – the 520d, the most economical BMW 5-Series ever built. We speak of a consumption of 5.0 litres/100 km and emissions down up to 132 grams CO2/km. 520d is accompanied in Diesel line units by the tubo 3.0 liter 525d and 530d engines, the first one developing 204 hp, and the second, 245 hp.

BMW will throw in the game on the new 5-Series a chassis with four steps of setting the dynamic behavior – Comfort, Normal, Sport and Sport +, which are supposed to thank them even the most demanding customers. Although the chassis is 50% more rigid, the total mass of the model increased by only 15 kilograms compared to the previous generation. In terms of technology, the new 5-Series can be ordered with a number of packages that will make life easier on board. These include Park Assist System, Collision Warning with Auto Brake or a package of cameras which give you a 360 degree perspective of the car.






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  2. That is ONE extremely GOOD LOOKING car. It was worth the wait. The design makes the current 5 series look absolutely freakish. The Bangle Butt is dead, long may the Bangle Butt stay dead! The 2011 5 series is a beautiful automobile. Had I not just bought a 3 series coupe six months ago, I’d be one of the first in line at my nearest dealer to get my hands on a new 5; I may anyway. Kudos to the designers in Munich. GREAT GREAT look. SUPER job!! This WILL be a HIT!

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