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BMW & Rolls Royce to build a MINI

BMW & Rolls Ryce - MINI Cooper

Probably now you feel exactly what I felt when I first read these news. Yes, BMW is going to collaborate with Rolls Royce Auto Maker. More exactly, BMW just agreed that Rolls Royce is going to build a very luxury model of the little MINI Cooper. As I said before, when I first read these news, I didn’t know what to feel first: anger, happy, amaze etc.

At the end, I think that is a very good idea that Rolls Royce to build a new luxury model of the actual MINI Cooper because as we know, all BMWs and also MINIs are luxury as a stock car and now, after this new model, it will be much more beautiful.

On the internet there are just 2 photos with the MINI Cooper model built by Rolls Royce in collaboration with BMW. One is with the exterior, being able to see the side and back part, and the second one is with the interior which shows you what Rolls Royce changed more at this car.

BMW & Rolls Ryce - MINI CooperBMW & Rolls Ryce - MINI CooperBMW & Rolls Royce - MINI Cooper


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  1. Alain set says:

    I have never loved a small car like this before, it is really awesome. I wish i had a mini, this is really a mini cooper. I wish I could pay for this car, I only dream of this.

  2. Alan Mitchell says:

    I say something on this a while back, somewhere in the range of $50,000 + I’m sure it’s a nice car but I’ll just take a diesel mini if they ever bring it to the US.

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