BMW 5-Series

5.555.555 copies of 5-Series


The 37 years BMW experience on market culminated yesterday with the production of copy with number 5.555.555 of the BMW 5-Series. BMW 5 Series reached a symbolic landmark production, the Bavarian manufacturer releasing yesterday on the production line the copy with number 5.555.555. The representative of the brand in the mainstream segment has managed this performance in 37 years of international career, it was released in 1972.

The copy that was lucky to wear the honored figure in the frontispiece is a 525d xDrive Touring, which is supposed to be donated by BMW to Bavarian National Park, the oldest forest reserve in Germany. It was created in 1970 and receives 800,000 visitors each year who want to observe animals in their natural environment or make trips on the 300 km of arranged paths.

Anniversary number of BMW 5-Series copies comes with just few days before the official presentation of the new generation of Bavarian model, which will take place on the evening of Monday, November 23.

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