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Spy Photos: BMW testing X5 Facelift


BMW X5 facelift testing with less camouflage. Minor modifications were made which are not seen by untrained eyes. In the photo presented above these rows we can see a current version of the X5 and the facelifted one, you can see minor modifications as I said above.

The specimen was tested in version 3.5d and it has only front and rear bumpers camouflaged, along with front and rear optical blocks. If you look the rear part of the test specimen and we compare it with that of the current X5, the facelift version has oval endings of the exhaust and brake lights seem to be more curved. Redesigned rear bumper seems to be a certain extent, most likely being involved minor changes to its line level.

The changes made in the front are also few, but note how the bonnet is pulled across the front optical blocks, while they seem to be not modified. BMW X5′s front bumper got a new design, inspired easily from that of X5 M, but applied in a less aggressive manner. Facelift version of the BMW X5 is expected to appear during 2010.

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