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VIDEO: BMW M3 GTS on track


Yes, again we talk about the amazing BMW M3 GTS but this time I bring you also 2 videos instead of one video or just pictures. Now you can perfectly see the performances of the new BMW M3 GTS starting with the handling, the way it accelerates and the way it behaves at high speeds.

This is just the third time when we talk about BMW M3 GTS. Last time I brought to you a 360 degrees view and also a view at the interior. Also, the pictures from this post are from the previous mentioned 360 degrees teaser video. You can read that article here.

BMW M3 GTS comes with a 4.4 liter V8 engine which is very big for such a small car. But, there is a very big minus at this car: the price. The sales will start in May 2010 and the price for Germany is 115,000 Euros which is probably the smallest one.


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