BMW X1 built of Lego

BMW X1 Lego

Here is a BMW X1, which does not work! But not because it was technical failure, is simply a toy car. More specifically, a machine made of Lego pieces. So they had to invest a lot of patience. The new SUV BMW X1 became the object of play, although not talk about any model scale, but even as a 1:1 copy.

There is not a devoted copy of the car, of course, because the image machine consists of over 150,000 pieces of LEGO. Not less than 800 children participated in the construction of the yellow BMW X1 for 4 days. It is actually an initiative of BMW, in order to raise funds to help children with poor social situation.

So for each such full BMW X1, made of LEGO, BMW will donate some money to organization Die Arche in Munich. The first BMW X1 built by children will become an object of exhibition within BMW Welt, from November 25.
BMW X1 LegoBMW X1 LegoBMW X1 Lego

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