Smart BMW idea for smart traffic lights


BMW is trying to promote intelligent traffic light systems. They can reduce fuel consumption by up to 15% in real traffic conditions. BMW engineers have realized a study in Munich which showed that traffic lights which can change the time of showing a color bring a double efficiency for vehicles in the city.

BMW tested a 530d on a special road in Munich which have modified traffic lights. In terms of test, BMW 530d was able to go through up to 17.86 km in city with just one liter of diesel, usually being able to go through only 9.35 km with the same amount of fuel.

In a real driving situation, a car will consume 10 to 15% less thanks to an intelligent traffic lights system. This keeps traffic lights green longer, to facilitate the flow of traffic. Moreover, if a vehicle around a road at night, and he is approaching an intersection where the light is red, but no other vehicles come toward that intersection, this vehicle will get green light, so the vehicle don’t have to stop useless.

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  1. Lifted Trucks says:

    Wow… great innovation instead… it will be really beneficial to increase the productivity alongwith the fuel efficiency and economy as well

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