A BMW M3 E36 has found the end on Nurburgring


Nordschelife circuit at Nurburgring was fatal to a BMW M3 E36, which partially burned after acrossing a Mini Cooper in a high speed turn. Nordschleife circuit isn’t nicknamed in vain “Green Hell”. The number of accidents that occur on the 21 kilometers mountain long strip of asphalt in the south-west of Germany is directly proportional to the image that this circuit open to all amateurs have in the world. And the last example shows a BMW M3 E36 that has found its end in one of the turns of the Nordschleife.

Although at the wheel of the BMW M3 E36 was an experienced pilot who knew every corner of the Nordschleife, it did not take into consider the fact that a far too optimistic approach of a turn could hide surprises in an open circuit to those who wanted to run on one of the most famous temples of speed in the world.

The car ending was in the safety barriers, burning near the circuit. The driver was not injured and managed to get out of the car before it takes fire, and the Mini has suffered strong shock and had to leave the Nordschleife on the platform.

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