BMW 5-Series

The new BMW 5-Series will be presented on November 23

BMW 5-Series

The first images of BMW 5-Series F10 will appear over just two weeks after the Bavarians will introduce this model in a ceremony that takes place in Munich. BMW officially announced yesterday that the new generation of 5-Series F10 model will be presented on November 23, when the Bavarians will publish the first official pictures of its new model of the range.

In order to keep online fans connected, BMW has made a step toward to official images presenting a sketch and a teaser video. According to a short press BMW also issued yesterday, the new BMW 5-Series F10 will become, once launched, the symbol of aesthetics and pleasure to drive in the mainstream segment.

To underline the dynamic character of his new appearance, BMW has decided to announce the release of the F10 5-Series’s film to be achieved by a so-called “kinetic sculptures” that indicates dynamic silhouette of the car and that was created in the BMW Museum in Munich.


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  1. I love this car…

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