BMW entering in the rally by MINI


BMW intends to be involved indirectly in the rally through the collaboration between MINI and Prodrive to prepare for a future rally model on the basis of future crossover. Prodrive is a name with great experience in the rally, the Subaru’s traditional partner in the past. But as the Japanese gave up in the competition, the British ran out of the competition were made they known.

It appears that they are preparing a return by indirect help from BMW. In fact, Prodrive intend to prepare future Bavarian crossover, known as the Mini Countryman, for rally. This collaboration would be profitable for BMW, who will leave Formula 1, thus remaining represented only less popular motorsport competitions.

The MINI come back to the rally would be a very important fact. MINI entered the history of motor sports with victory in the Rally of Monte Carlo in 1964, facing real four wheel supercars rivals. Paddy Hopkirk and Rauno Aaltonen were heroes in that descent and have recently reedited the route with a MINI Cabrio JCW.

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