BMW defeated Honda, Audi and Toyota in top of fiability


Honda has fallen from first position in top of fiability on brands in the UK, the Japanese were defeated by BMW. Honda is revenging at models top, where the Civic is in the first place. The BMW Group have the most reliable models on the market in Britain, German manufacturer surpassing Honda in this ranking.

The results come from a study by Fleet News and financial advisory company Grant Thornton. At this survey answered the biggest 50 car leasing companies in England, the number of models considered, no less than 840,000, revealing one of the most relevant market analysis ever undertaken worldwide. Although they lost one position in favor of BMW, Honda still remains in the first place in the models category, the Civic is the car with the fewest defects of the market in Britain.

In the second place was ranked BMW 3 Series, while the last position of the podium was occupied by Honda Jazz. Both companies dominated the top, Honda Accord received fourth place, BMW 5 Series finished in fifth position.

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