BMW is Joy ! Jump for Joy ! (2)

Jump for Joy 2

Some time ago we talked to you about the commercial video named “Jump for Joy” and after few days or weeks, on the internet appeared the second part of it. The begining of the video is the same as at the first part but there is something in plus at the end of the new video.

The first part of “Jump for Joy” was also funny but the second part, is much more funny. At 1:10 we discover that the last “jumper” is the owner of an Audi and not BMW and this makes him to fail while trying to enter his car, the same way as BMW owners do.

After he see that he can’t enter like that in his car, he gives up and opens the door to get in. We also talked about the first commercial video named “Jump for Joy” and you can read the article here. I think they should make another episode of this commercial video because it started to be very funny but at the same time, 2 episodes are enough. You can watch the “Jump for Joy 2” commercial video below.


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