BMW M6 / Prior Design Tuning

BMW M6 Wide-Body Kit by Prior-Design


The car kit is called PD550, is more aerodynamic and includes new rear flares, new side skirts and revised front wings. The body was widened by some 80mm to improve handling and offer sportier dynamics. Prior BMW M6 Package offers a wide body with 80 mm width through new front wings and rear wings.

Prior BMW M6 wide body has 21 inch forged wheels and comes with a new exhaust system with four exhaust pipes of 90 mm and a new handmade drum. Prior Wide body BMW M6 has a new suspension system which lowers the ground clearance of 30 mm at front and 25 mm at rear.

You can choose between two wheels and tyres combination. FA 9.0 J x 20 / RA 10.5 J x 20 with 255/35 ZR 20 / 285/30 ZR 20 tyres or FA 9.0 J x 21 / RA 10.5 J x 21 with 255/30 ZR 21 / 295/25 ZR 21. All parts included in the Prior BMW M6 wide body were tested and approved by the German TUV. Prior Design has also a second complete but non-wide kit called the PD450.


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