China became the fourth car market for BMW


China became the fourth for BMW sales market after the German manufacturer has sold over 62,000 units in this country in the first 9 months of the year. BMW AG has reported significant sales growing in China during January-September 2009, the number of units sold in that time being 62,394, up 32% from the same period last year.

Of these, 59,400 belong to the BMW brand, while the remaining 2934 cars were sold under the name Mini. In September, BMW sales total of 8131 units, up 35.4% compared to same period the previous year. Following these results, China has become the fourth sales market for German manufacturer, thus taking over the place previously held by Italy. Today, BMW AG have the highest sales in Germany, the ranking being completed by United States and UK.

First nine months recorded 4457 sales of units for the X6, making China the country with the largest sales in the world for this model. Compared with traditional rivals, BMW sold in China for more than four times more cars than Audi (15,000 units) and almost 9 times more vehicles than the Mercedes-Benz (7,000 units). However, the two German companies have reported significant increases in their turn against the same period last year, 37% for those of Audi and, respectively, 59% for Mercedes-Benz.

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