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BMW M5 Ring-Taxi

BMW M5 Ring-Taxi

BMW M5 Ring Taxi, it’s a car driven by professionals to take visitors of the Nurburgring’s Nordschleife for a spin around the track. The “Green Hell” Nurburgring Nordschleife is a 20 km long track with more than 70 bends that’s widely considered the most difficult one in the world.

According to BMW Motorsport’s official site, there are no tickets available at this point of time with any available openings due to be announced just before Christmas. German producer made publicly available a fleet composed of M5′s, where visitors can experience what it means to go really hard on the famous circuit.

Who does not have a machine powerful enough or courage needed to browse the “Green Hell” to limit recourse to “taxi”‘s BMW. “Take a seat next to professional racing drivers or experienced BMW Driver Training instructors in a powerful BMW M5, boasting 507bhp – and feel the unique fascination of the “Green Hell”. After this superlative taxi ride round the 20.832-kilometre Nordschleife, featuring 73 corners, you will know why this circuit is regarded one of the most challenging in the world.”

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